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Tests and the Rest: College Admissions Industry Podcast

Aug 22, 2023

Ready to learn the history, philosophy, and practice of an experienced professional in the test prep industry?


Meet Josh Kutchai, a private SAT/ACT and curriculum tutor. Josh teaches all sections of the SAT and ACT as well as curriculum mathematics up to and including calculus BC. Josh grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he spent a lot of time playing basketball and piano. He then moved to New Jersey to attend Princeton University, where he majored in mathematics and minored in music. After struggling to become a famous rock ‘n’ roll star, Josh decided that his temperament was better suited for education! He obtained a masters degree in mathematics from Rutgers University, worked as a mathematics professor for a few years, and ultimately became a professional tutor in the year 1999. He fell madly in love with the profession and has never looked back. 

Josh still loves music and has recorded multiple albums during the course of his career. He also passionately follows college and pro basketball. He is tired of all the flopping! 

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