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Tests and the Rest: College Admissions Industry Podcast

Sep 19, 2023

Every aspect of being or raising a teenager is complicated by the emotional, irrational, and idiosyncratic responses inherent to all of us. Luckily, psychologists have been piecing together some strategies for bringing order to our typical chaos. Amy and Mike invited counselor Samantha Straub to explore using brain...

Sep 12, 2023

Grades 9 through 12 represent one of the most influential periods in a person’s life, a time of dramatic change and growth during which many teens determine the trajectories of their lives. Amy and Mike invited educator Flo Brett to share what parents, educators, and counselors should know about how to be successful...

Sep 5, 2023

With all the focus on the primary personal statement, we often overlook the importance of supplemental essays in the college application. Amy and Mike invited IEC Jodi Rosenshein Atkin to explain the best ways to answer the matched questions, “Why this college, why this major?”

What are five things you will learn in...

Aug 29, 2023

Every time a sophisticated educational assessment changes, every aspect has to be reconsidered and possibly changed. The digital adaptive SAT is no exception, and one particular aspect of that test has transformed substantially. Amy and Mike invited educator Brenna O’Neill to explain how the digital SAT is scored.

Aug 25, 2023

Ready to learn the history, philosophy, and practice of an experienced professional in the test prep industry?


Meet Keith Brown, Ph.D. With a strong foundation in standardized tests such as ACT, SAT, and PSAT, Keith is committed to guiding students toward academic excellence. His teaching journey...