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Tests and the Rest: College Admissions Industry Podcast

Jan 26, 2024

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Anti-Boring Learning Lab

The community of educators obsessed with sharing the science-backed study skills and executive function strategies every student needs to thrive with educator Gretchen Wegner.

What are five things you will learn in this episode?

  1. What is the story behind the Anti-Boring Learning Lab?

  2. How does the Anti-Boring Learning Lab work?

  3. Who are the ideal clients for the Anti-Boring Learning Lab? 

  4. What kinds of outcomes do clients experience? 

  5. What should someone curious about the Anti-Boring Learning Lab know about it?


The Anti-Boring Learning Lab is a community of educators who obsess over sharing the science-backed study skills and executive function strategies every student needs to thrive. 

It’s a one-stop shop where you’ll learn the tools and the brain science students need to shift from unmotivated, bored, and struggling students into independent, motivated, self-starting learners.

Most importantly, you’ll join a community of passionate educators to ask questions, share ideas, and rethink learning and schools together.  As one newly minted Anti-Boring academic coach gushed, “I came for the curriculum but stayed for the community.” 

Not only will you receive your choice of micro-credentials that represent “the least you need to know” about study skills, note-taking, executive functions, how to be an academic coach and more, but you’ll also have access to community calls, book clubs, co-working sessions, and special interest chats. 

Whether you are (or want to become) an academic coach, executive function coach, ADHD coach, or life coach; whether you are a classroom teacher, special ed teacher, school counselor, or are in other quirky corners of education -- there is something for you and your students at the Anti-Boring Learning Lab. 

What we all have in common is a hunger to help our students succeed and a longing to connect with other educators as passionate as we are. 

Find out more at and download our free resources at

The Anti-Boring Learning Lab is founded by Gretchen Wegner. A master teacher and an academic life coach for over 15 years, she specializes in consolidating the science of learning into fun, digestible, actionable, executive function-friendly nuggets for both students and educators. Gretchen is also a tireless learner, consistently and transparently modeling the tools she teaches in her coaching, courses, and community. Download her free coaching resources at


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