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Tests and the Rest: College Admissions Industry Podcast

Dec 31, 2019

Too many students, parents, and professionals act as if high schoolers magically transform into independent, motivated, productive college students right after their graduation ceremonies, even if none of those adjectives previously applied. If only that were true! Amy and Mike invited clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Adam Zamora to offer insights into helping students prepare for the demands of college.

 What are five things you will learn in this episode?

  1. How long is the transition from high schooler to college student?
  2. Why is it critical that students carry their learning supports to school?
  3. How does unstructured free time threaten success at college?
  4. What aspects of motivation need to change in college?
  5. Why is a student’s ability to self-assess and advocate so critical?


Adam S. Zamora, PsyD, is a neuropsychologist in the Learning and Development Center at the Child Mind Institute. He specializes in the evaluation and remediation of children, adolescents and young adults with a wide range of conditions that impact academic functioning, including ADHD, verbal and nonverbal learning difficulties, social and interpersonal weaknesses, and emotional disorders. Dr. Zamora utilizes diagnostic interviewing and comprehensive assessments to help provide families with a thorough understanding of their children, to identify assets and strengths, and to unravel the underlying reasons for challenges in their everyday lives. He also takes on an active, collaborative role with families, treatment providers and school personnel to tailor recommendations that help each child meet his or her potential.

In addition to completing his neuropsychological training in academic medical settings, Dr. Zamora has provided psychotherapeutic treatment for children and adolescents with anxiety, mood disorders, behavioral difficulties, trauma histories and complex medical issues in both inpatient and outpatient hospitals and clinics. In a school setting, he has experience with developing behavior plans, conducting social skills groups and helping to facilitate classroom interventions. Dr. Zamora enjoys providing psychoeducation to families and presenting about learning difficulties at local schools. He has also supervised psychology trainees in administration, case conceptualization and report-writing of neuropsychological evaluations.

Dr. Zamora grew up in New York City and has extensive educational consulting experience in the local private school world. Since 2005, he has provided academic consultation and remediation services for students struggling with motivation, study skills, academic performance, test preparation and the school application process. Additionally, as part of his clinical training, Dr. Zamora has conducted numerous school visits and classroom observations, consulted closely with teachers and learning specialists, and advocated for families at IEP meetings and impartial hearings. Dr. Zamora’s work as a clinical psychologist and educational consultant has given him a unique perspective on students and their individual needs, and has aided his ability to translate evaluation results into meaningful clinical summaries with practical, applicable recommendations for use at home and in school. He has a passion for understanding and tapping into individual strengths, and then utilizing those assets to support families and help children overcome areas of weakness.

Find Adam at or 212-308-3118


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